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VLLT Joint Seminar Series on Physics & Astronomy


Saturdays at 17:00 (Saigon time) on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 972 7810 0138
Passcode: 062660
Please also consider to join our Slack workspace for further discussion after each seminar.

Organizers: Chi-Thanh Nguyen (SISSA), Dai-Nghia Nguyen-Hoang (CPPM), Hong-Minh Phan-Vo (TTK), Nhat-Minh Nguyen (MPA).

Date Speaker Title Reference
Feb 27 Dai-Nghia Nguyen Hoang (CPPM, Marseille) Search for phenomena beyond the Standard Model in events with large b-jet multiplicity using the ATLAS detector at the LHC arXiv:2010.01015
March 6 Xuan-Nhut Truong (MPIA, Heidelberg) X-ray signatures of supermassive black holes feedback arXiv:1911.11165
March 13 15:00 John Hoang (Berkeley SETI, Berkeley) From Fast Radio Burst to alien hunting arXiv:1908.07506
March 20 Ngoc-Hoa Vuong-Pham (LPSC, Grenoble) One-Loop Effective Action arXiv:2006.16260
March 27 15:00 Ngoc-Tram Le (USRA/NASA Ames, Mountain View) Learning physics from the Interstellar medium N/A
April 3 Chi-Thanh Nguyen (SISSA, Trieste) Low Mass Star: Mass Loss and Rotation N/A
April 10 Ngoc-Diep Pham (VNSC, Hanoi) Astrophysics Research at the Department of Astrophysics (VNSC/VAST) N/A
April 16 Hong-Minh Phan-Vo (TTK, Aachen) CRIME: Cosmic-Ray Interaction in Molecular Environments arXiv:1507.05127
April 23 Luis Pascual (Tel Aviv University) A quick glance to physics with photons in the ATLAS experiment arXiv:1908.00005
May 7 Elisa Ferreira (MPA, Garching) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
May 14 Thi-Nhung Dao (IFIRSE, Quy Nhon) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
May 21 Van-Son Cao (IPNS-KEK, Tsukuba) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
May 28 Sam Young (MPA, Garching) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
June 4 Nhat-Minh Nguyen (MPA, Garching) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
June 11 Hoang-Nhan Luu (Hong Kong University) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
June 18 Anna OgorzaƂek (NASA Goddard, Washington D.C.) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
June 25 Thi-Ny Kieu (IAA-CSIC, Granada) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
July 2 Duc-Ninh Le (IFIRSE, Quy Nhon) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
July 9 Chi-Thiem Hoang (KASI)
TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
July 16 Van-Que Tran (Nanjing University) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
July 23, special colloquium Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA, Garching) TBA arXiv:xxxx.xxxxx
Guest Speaker Wishlist
Alex Barreira (Excellence Cluster ORIGINS)
Hong-Van Nguyen (VAST & ICISE)

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